Crimson Steam: The Micro Sheet

4 06 2010

The pace of the Friday night Crimson Steam game is starting to pick up. Despite a canceled game for tonight (big family event came up instead), we will be playing tommorrow night instead. Unfortunately one of the players will be unable to attend.  As a DM i belive that the game must go on, but i also hate running a game with one of the characters missing from the action.  The idea of evolving tactical combat is that the players rely on eachother and the various powers and abilities that are brought to the table.  Additionally, when i create the advenmture i create it with all characters in mind.

So what do we do about this?  Rather than have one player run two full sized characters, difficult, but doable, I went ahead and created a condensed stat block for each PC in the party.  When they are unavaible to play we simple activate this simplified, streamlined, “Micro” character sheet.  Any player at the table can take the actions of the missing character and its barely anything to keep track of.

Here is an example, anyone who owns a monster manual will find this eerily familiar…..




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