Crash Gem


In the ruins of a world destroyed by magic and technology, tribes of men, elves, dwarves, and other, stranger creatures vie for survival against the hordes of mutated beasts, alien aberrations and undead horrors that haunt the wastes.  The greatest weapon left to mankind is the power to control these beasts and use them in battle.  Here in the world of Prisma, heroes and villains known as “Soul Masters” gather the living souls of monsters and train them to fight.  Guilds have formed in every major settlement. It is there that Soul Masters train and battle, increasing the strength and prowess of their creatures. Journeying through ravaged landscapes and decimated cities, they seek powerful artifacts and long-lost secrets left behind in the wake of a deadly world shattering war.


This is Pokémon set in a post apocalyptic world of ruin.  Each character plays some variation of a Soul Master, which is basically a summoner from pathfinder.  Eidolons, the personal monsters of each hero, can be upgraded only by collecting the living souls of other monsters found in the world.  The souls of these monsters are captured using gemstones, called Crash Gems, by the common folk of the world of Prisma.  Competitive battling is a common occurence between Soul Masters and the various guilds of the world, and many Soul Masters rise to heights of popularity through these competitions.  Dungeon delving and exploration play a heavy role in the game as well, presenting opportunities to find ancient relics and rare monster souls to capture.


This game is eagerly awaiting its day in the sun. 😀

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