An ancient forest steeped in evil. A greedy industrial empire hell-bent of staking claim to the wealth of resources the forest has to offer.  A town of common folk with no other choice but try to carve out an existence on the brutal treeline of this damnable frontier.  A party of mercenaries caught right in the middle of it all.

But the Darkwood is Ancient; legends say older than the world itself…  And the denizens of the Darkwood are evil, evil beyond imagining.  Darkwood lies at the heart of the Isle of Shardenth, a small continent surrounded on all sides by the Ocean of Mists.  It is a brutal natural world ruled by elemental spirits and demon lords.

Staking claim to whatever footholds it can find is the civilized empire of Bastion.  Bastion is ruled by a corrupt and greedy theocracy though their ultimate goal, the continued prosperity of civilization, is considered a noble one.  But how much longer can the empire hold out against the forces of the demon lords, or the might of the elements themselves?


This is a fairly traditional fantasy setting with an extra-large helping of horror thrown in at most opportunities.  Themes of good vs. evil, man vs. nature, and the perception of evil itself all play heavily into the flavor of the game.  The continent of Shardenth is small, isolated, and boasts a tremendous amount of evil, scary stuff.


This game is currently is progress. The heroes are known as “The Herd of Cats”

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