Iron Hack


9 godly dragons came down from the heavens and delivered the people of Egoroth from enslavement and torment at the hands of an ancient and evil race known as the Magisters. They then divided the known world into 8 distinct kingdoms with one dragon god to guide and care for the people of each. United these 8 kingdoms formed the Empire. The ninth dragon, Nevernamed, withdrew from the world.

To prevent the tragedies of the past from repeating themselves the Empire tirelessly seeks out individuals with magical bloodlines, Magi, and destroys them.

The Dragon Hearts are a squad of powerful and highly trained specialists assigned to protect the community of Axe Glen from dangers both outside the town’s walls and within them. The Dragon Hearts share an intertwining destiny that will take them to every corner of the world and beyond. As they search for answers from the past in a desperate effort to save one world, at the cost of another.


This is a low magic, high gore, ultra violent campaign setting focusing on martial combat and political intrigue. It focuses heavily on personal honor, outrageous battles, and an empire seeking unified peace through any means necessary.


This game is currently shut down.


Party Roster

Drokkar, male Kole Kingdom, Red Knight, party leader, tactician, defender

Athena, female Lucent Kingdom, Angel Wing, avenger, monk, medic, skirmisher

Scorpious Maximus, male Kole/Myst Kingdom, Ghost Wight, assassin, rogue, melee dps

Okami, male Luna Kingdom, weapon master, beast trainer, melee dps

Narina, female Storm Kingdom, Sharpshooter, rogue, merchant, surveillance, ranged dps


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