TNF: House Rules

15 07 2011

In this episode, 2 new gameplay rules were introduced.  The first was X-treme critical hits and fumbles.  The X you see, makes it that much more extreme.  Under this system, a critical is still a critical, however if you roll again to confirm, it becomes an X-tream critical hit.  These often only further increase the damage being dealt, but they can also be quite nasty, and quite deadly.  A critical fumble is triggered by a natural 1, followed by a second roll that would be a failure.  A lot of extra rolling to be sure, but ultimately a lot more exciting and interesting for combat.

The second gameplay element introduced was the minor action.  Taking a leaf out of the 4e tome, i assigned each member of the party a personalized minor action, to keep things interesting, and to alleviate guilt that i was mashing 4e and pathfinder monster stat blocks together. 

The fighter now taunts, aka, marks as a 4e fighter would.

The ranger can “aim” at targets granting cumulative tokens (thank you iron heroes)

The monk can now shift 1 square as a minor action

The cleric can Bless another, granting a +1 to the next die roll of any one ally with 5 square burst, or +2 if the ally is adjacent.

and the summoner can grant his eidolon a +1 to attack or def for one round

I figure that 2 more minor actions can be added in, at levels 10 and 20 respectively,  to further spice things up, in the meantime i feel that it give the low-level characters a little bit more to think about in combat than the standard move and hit, hit and move equation.




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