TNF – gnome gnapping

7 07 2011

Tonight’s session was delayed, and only consisted of one encounter, one very big, very bad, very crazy encounter.

hostage situation, negotiating with kobold terrorists?

The group had encountered kobolds before, but the fights had been very one-sided.  The kobolds surrendered and begged for their pitiful lives, which the players thought was pretty funny.  This fight was different.  They stumbled into this encounter only to find a female gnome caster being accosted by a mix of 12 kobolds, minions, skirmishers, and slingers.   Only marginally concerned for her safety they waded into battle, and what a battle it was.

gnome damsel in distress. copywrite blizzard.

The encounter was loaded up with minions, and thanks to a complete lack of AoE attacks the minions were able to swarm the heaviest hitting dps and drop him in the first round. (The gnome summoner’s eidolon.)  In subsequent rounds the kobolds managed to subdue both the gnome summoner and the female gnome and tactically retreat, free shift by free shift, back towards their lair.  McFightar, the party tank, got to flex his new armor and was literally a tank in this battle. Even the two lucky blows that were landed on him were deflected by his shield.

F’hal, the party cleric, managed a longe range heal on the gnome summomer as he was being dragged away, which brought him back to conciousness.  At this point the gnome summoned a back up monster while feigning death, and the beast he summoned proceeded to assassinate most of his kobold captors.  Ah yes… the hell viper, a 19 stealth balanced by a max damage output of 1. wait… minions only have 1 hitpoint… dammit


The session ended with the heroes and the Kobold shaman facing off across the seemingly prone body of the gnome summoner, possibly getting ready to negotiate, or possibly planning more bloodshed.

As a side note, this is a picture of how ridiculous a human looks wearing dwarven armor:

what? it says medium!




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10 07 2011
Arthur Ogilvie

I’m waiting for some guy in a Subway uniform to try and stick bread in me.

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