“We are going to need more holy water” -Season of the Witch

6 07 2011

*This post is one giant spoiler for the movie. you have been warned.*

This is not a movie review blog, and let’s face it, this movie couldn’t survive another review. I am talking about “Season of the Witch” at a hilarious 7% freshness rating.  While I can admit to a certain dirty, guilty pleasure, that of intentionally finding and watching terrible movies, I will be one of the first people to testify that this movie, was a terrible train wreck of shameful badness.  And I loved it.

While this was a terrible movie, don’t even joke around about using the word “film”, it was actually a really great D&D one shot adventure.

say what?

Think about it….

cast of characters: big knight, hero knight, squire(multiclass priest), priest/monk, rogue, random npc to be killed off first. players pick them or randomly assigned.

mission: deliver this witch to the crazy evil sounding obviously haunted monestary. “Savarock”… seriously wow.

settings: town full of plague victims, crazy bridge over bottomless chasm, “wormwood forest” (heck yea), haunted monestary

encounters: roleplay with the plagued bishop, illusion chase through plague town to recapture escaped witch, skill challenge for bridge crossing, wolf fight in wormwood, showdown with undead monks and demon in monestary.

"I made this same face the entire movie"

I am telling you, that would be an excellent night of over the top pulp fantasy horror goodness.

Heck, if I had the time and the inclination I would post the whole thing as an unofficial 4e one shot adventure.


Big Knight forgot his Hellboy makeup 😦




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