MNF Flashback: How we found Psyche

4 07 2011

The old man wept into his bushy eyebrows, so overgrown he had braided them into his long grizzled beard. Tears for the fallen.  The war machine, as we came to call it, had passed no more than 300 yards from the tiny woodland village of Foxshot. Lured by the promise of gold the village hunters, brave and hard men and women, 15 in all, had tried in vain to subdue or destroy the creature.  The king’s bounty placed on its head more than enough gold to feed the entire community through many winters.

Or buy the Horns of War a single magical item. Heh.  You gotta love that prime material world economy.

He rambled on some more, we gleaned info, knowledge is power, yadda yadda… Then the hot, yet unkempt village druidess came over to put in her 2 copper, gave us some healing potions.  We rifled through the dead, watched the last vision rites videos, the usual.  The War Machine was roughly the size of an elder dragon, sported multiple attacks, both physical and magical, and as we already knew from tracking the things for the past few days, it was fast.  Toss in a razor-sharp prehensile tail (the best kind), a strange electromagnetic aura, and some weird energy pulse that disintegrates everything around it and you have yourself a creature worth well more than the paltry 8 grand placed on its head.

It kind of looked like this… but covered in metal plating.  The spines on the back, there were 4 of them, were very active with electricty.

copywrite square

We rode hard to the village of Landsmeet, the next stop on the War Machine’s grand destruction tour of the Empire, there to lay waste to the beast and collect our bounty.  Talk about earning your next meal.  This thing was mowing through guards and townspeople like there was no tomorrow.   Bison, random fleeing knights, shop stands, anything metal it could get it’s aura on was being sucked in and used to build up and fortify its dense exoskeleton.  Physical attacks were practically worthless, but the combined spellcasting might of Skye and myself began to slowly chip away at the beast.  Dust lead the strategic assault on the creatures spiny back which it turns out was allowing it to vent excess energy in a huge intermittent nova blast of energy.

Close to death several times we finally wore down the last of its spines, robbing it of a way to vent its excess energies.  In a final play of insanity we knocked the beast into the stream running along the edge of town and quickly took cover.  The ensuing destruction destroyed nearly all of Landsmeet, but fortunately the War Machine as well.  Curled up in the center of the flooded crater that used to be a town was a man made of metal.  Rather than turn it in for the bounty we kept this metallic man, and as it began to recover, we began to call it our friend.

And that is how we met Psyche the magic robot, woo hoo, blah blah blah, the end.


digital battlemat for the fight:

Panicked crowds? Delicious!



*note it’s 230am and I am exausted… this was actually an extremely awesome fight, as most 4th edition fights tend to be.




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