MNF session 12: the dramatic cliffhanger

19 07 2010

After making our way through the gauntlet of traps we found ourselves facing an extremely potent door. I may not have mentioned this in the past, but our party has a thing with doors. We kick them down.  Sadly this door was magically sealed, and demanded of us via magic mouth one thing: the password. “I KNOW WHAT IT IS!” shouts the overly eager, beautiful, but not overly bright bard.  “I know what it is…. IS NOT THE PASSWORD!” bellowed the door, right before it turned into a 10 minotaur golem and proceeded to mangle us.   After the minodoor was defeated yet another squadron of undead proceeded to flood out of their hiding places and attack us.  Have become seasoned veterans at fighting undead we dispatched them without much trouble.

Sensing we were closer than ever to Kalariel’s inner sanctum we forged ahead into a secret forbidden chamber dedicated to Orcus, demonlord of the undead! A magical fountain was spewing blood into two thick rivers that flowed right into a hole in the floor and arcane crystals full of trapped souls burned with an eerie green light.  It was here that we battled the last line of defense in Kalariel’s forces and gained access to his ritual room.  Diving down a waterfall of blood we found ourselves surfacing in a pool of gore in the center of a vast underground chamber.  On the north wall a massive gateway was in the process of opening a permanent rift to the Shadowfell! Already waves of undead were beginning to storm into our world. A terrible cold laughter greeted our shocked arrival and then we saw Kalariel, vampire priest of Orcus finishing the last incantations of his ritual.  With a wave of his clawed hands wights and ghouls began rising from their tombs and joined the fray.

Sir Keegan, the once great paladin of light, now a revenant of guilt, strode forward towards the gateway to hold off the advancing army.  As he did so a mass of writhing black shadow came billowing forth from the portal.  Meanwhile Buenniseus, the party’s archer, climbed a 30 foot statue of Orcus, took up position and began sniping away at the undead minions.  The rest of the party tactically regrouped in the southern corner of the room dispatching the ghouls and slowing down the wight.  Kalariel began blasting away at the party from a high ledge sending bolt after bolt of necrotic energy crackling through the air.

Finally, after slaying over a dozen foes, Sir Keegan succumbed to his wounds and died for the second time in his life.  The army of undead washed over him and began their advance towards the heroes.  Having dispatched his guards the party climbed, flew, teleported, and ran up the ledge to Kalariel, intent of bringing him his end.  A powerful vampire, he quickly paralyzed psyche and dominated Bison.  Spell after spell from Skye was deflected by his powerful undead defenses and only the relentless attacks from Dust seemed to make any difference.  The undead army had reached the southern statue now and ghouls and zombies began swarming up and over it trying to devoured young Buenniseus.  At the last possible moment he ran and lept from the statue landing in the pool of blood and swimming to saftey.

We now found ourselves high on a ledge overlooking the ritual chamber.  The portal, now opened,  glowed with and eerie black light as more and more undead began flooding through. The masses of zombies, ghouls, and skeletons intent on our destruction were slowing but steadily making their way towards us while we desperately tried to defeat the near invincible force that was Kalariel…





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