mnf session 9: if you roll them, they will come

30 06 2010

This week, MNF gained it’s 5th player, now each person at the table is only playing one PC.  This was a very proud moment for me, because unlike previous D&D groups where I went to the trouble of recruiting players ahead of time, with the mnf group it was the complete opposite.  I had myself and a DM.  The DM really wanted to play and I really wanted to play.  So I built an entire party of 5 characters that I would play all by myself.  The amazing part was, that as each week passed the number of players would grow.  This created a strange situation.  In MNF the characters, the actual PC’s, existed before their players.  In very much the same way they will exist after their players have moved on.  The guy who plays Dust absolutely loves the character, but in August he will ship off to college and a new player will join the group to continue playing Dust.

If a player cannot make it to a MNF game, the character gets played by someone else and the game just goes on.  In a way the indifference the characters have towards their own players seems to have strengthened the appeal of making it to each session and using them.  The idea that this character, these five characters really, have every intention of getting to level 30 and killing the craziest monsters and they plan to do it with or without you is very exciting.

The new player has taken over the role of Bison.  This is a decent fit for the player because he, like many of us out there, is a retired warcraft junkie, and a former epic Tauren druid.  I explained the class of runeprist to him as being a paladin from WoW who uses all 3 specs at once: dps, tank, and heals.  With continueing references to WoW game mechanics he has caught onto the mechincs of 4e very quickly and after only one session I had a very good feeling he intended to stick around.




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