MNF: Session 8

22 06 2010

Session 8 of MNF has come and gone.  The party managed to bust through 2 more encounters during the course of the evening, one easy and one… well, lets say the DM learned a lot about running incorporeal creatures since last week.

The first encounter was in a flooded chamber against some wererat rogues and drowned zombies.   This was a pretty cool setup with plank bridges and floating debris isles and what not.  The zombies would spring out of the water and try to grapple people back into the muck, while the wererats jumped all over trying to score combat advantage flanks.  Filthfever everywhere.  This fight was handled extremely well and there is really not much to note.

The second encounter though, wow. Lets talk about this one. Remember the mad wraith from last week? Well another one shows up with 5 ghosts and a large burning skeleton.  Keep in mind we are level 2.  Well the ghosts and the wraith played it smart attack from the floors and walls.  The mad wraith got his dominate on with Skye (the sorceress) and started rapid fire raining starfall on the party.  Meanwhile the constant hit and runs of high damage output ghost only having to hit reflex defenses started to wear us down quick.  3 of our 5 characters are resistant to fire so the skeleton was kind of a joke, but there were some incredibly tense moments during the fight while we tried to take the incorporeal foes out of commission.  This fight marks the first time Cham has ever been brought down to negative hit points.

When all was said and done the party had leveled into level 3.




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