Crimson Steam: Humes and Urd

13 06 2010

Crimson steam is already a little different in that it has a Victorian steam punk era/wild west/fantasy thing going on.  When deciding what to populate the city with I waited until AFTER character creation was over.  This is of course an awesome luxury that only home-brew sandbox gaming can present.  Then we ran a few sessions and as I got into the groove of running the city I started to feel pretty confident about the types of races I would use the most often. So without further ado:


A.k.a Humans, I love the term “Hume” which is used heavily in ff12 and the dark tower series by Stephan King.  It adds just a little bit more mystery and fantasy flavor to the most prominent, and dare I say redundant racial choice.  Humes are by no means the most dominant force on the planet, but they are arguable the most populous and prolific.  Their lack of global dominion is from no real lack of trying, Humes are clever, ambitions, and incredibly resilient.  Instead it stems from the youth of the Hume race.  The Dragonborn, Eladrin, and Dwarves have simply been around for so long, that they control the finest resources, trade routes, and political avenues through a series of hierarchical connections that very clearly prevent Hume inception.

Regardless Humes overflow the lower and middle class of most cities, originally slaves under the dragons the Humes of that age allied with unknown beings of magic said to reside in the stars, when the Reaving of Scale commenced the surviving Dragons and Humes forged an alliance of peace, though certainly modern Humes would argue, not one of equality. Humes excel at whatever task they are set to, they breed prolifically and are highly adaptable.  Humes favor names akin to a “real world” Victorian era setting such as: James, Steven, Jonathan, Sara, Margret, Samantha, etc.  Humes have all the standard variations of skin and hair color, height and weight.  No geographic explanation is needed, Humes and just that varied. Humes in general are huge proponents of science and magic, they have very little interest or compassion for the church, do to long-standing persecution and slavery at its hand.


Way back in 2nd edition there was the flying kobold, the Urd. These guys were so cute and so cool, and in my opinion, they never got any action.  Now many people might flip out like a ninja over the idea of having a flying race in 4th edition.  But it ain’t that bad.  Urds can and do fly, however they are clumsy and weak fliers in general.  This can be augmented by racial feats later on, but generally you don’t have to worry about a level 1 Urd archer owning everything from high above the battlefield.

The Urd, like the Humes, are a former slave race of the dragons.  The Urd were once kobolds, but through magic and selective breeding, the Urd emerged as a more intelligent and more civilized species.  Kept by the dragons as sages, scribes, scholars, and accountants the Urd were indispensible during the golden ages of the Dragon Empire.  Their quiet demeanor and small size kept them far below the radar which proved a boon during the Reaving of Scales, during which time the Urd acted as spies and saboteurs, winning their independence.

The Urd love science, knowledge, and most of all secrets.  Urd believe secrets hold great power and make it a point to know as much about everything that they can, and certainly to know more than everyone else around them.  Personal information is their most closely guarded secret and as such all Urd keep their true names a secret.  Urd are at the forefront of engineering.  Their small size allows them to test pilot vehicle designs at a fraction of the cost, and their incredible knowledge allows them to come at theories and schematics from every angle.  Urd generally occupy the lower and middle class, but some Urd, retaining the skills of the bygone age, act as scribes, accountants, and tutors from affluent upper class families and nobility.

An Urd stands about 2’6″ to 3′ tall.  They are bipedal, have long necks and prehensile tails.  They have batlike wings, that are generally rather weak, with a wingspan equal to their height. Males sport tiny spiralling horns atop their heads, while female have multicolored crests and frills.  Urd dress for function rather than form, though many have a weakness for jewelry and gems.  The are the originators of the Draconic script, though they normally are versed in many other languages as well.  Urd tend to gravitate towards careers focusing on science, espionage, and scholarly pursuits.  They are excellent artificers.  Much like Humes they shy away from religious occupations because of bad blood.




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14 06 2010

This sounds like so much fun. Can’t wait to see what happens Monday night!

15 06 2010

Then i shall tell you! Look for the post

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