Rook’s Vigil: Stanly and Elizabeth

2 06 2010

Working in the “Real Estate and Imperial Acquisitions” wing of Rook’s Vigil’s Civic Citadel are two very disgruntled, yet talented, scribes.

Elizabeth Ferrous; female human monk Granite Kingdom:

Elizabeth is a retied spymaster. The rigors and perils of the espionage life soured for her early on and she shifted her career focus to a more subdued, and safer, line of work.  This is a decision she is beginning to regret.  She has been known to injure miscreants and layabouts with well thrown ink quills.  Despite her comically bad mood and apparent loathing for both her job and her boss, Stanly, Elizabeth does her best to run the city of Rook’s Vigil’s zoning policies and economic budget, or at least prevent a total civic collapse.

Stanly Buptkiss, male human wizard Granite Kingdom:

Stanly dabbles in the magical arts, but mostly he dabbles in anything that involves snacks and naps.  As chief officer scribe in charge of “Real estate and imperial acquisitions” in Rook’s Vigil, it would be assumed he is a very busy man.  This is hardly the case.  Whatever work he cannot manage to foist upon his assistant Elizabeth or a lower ranking scribe; he simply files into the trash bin.  As such the city suffers from poor zoning, civic misspending, and general disorder.  An indulgent fool who eagerly abuses his position of power for bribes and favors, Stanly represents a very real danger to the safety of the city’s local government.

The party has made acquaintance with this pair on several occasions so far and the scribes have formed a liking for the party.  They represent a scribe and a government contact within the city.  Additionally Stanly is keeping an eye out for cheap real estate the party can purchase or rent to set up a permanent base of operations within the city.  This will inevitably lead to the asking and fulfilling of favors, he has no doubt.




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