The differences between Modays and Fridays

1 06 2010

Two different groups, playing under two different roles.

Monday Night Group: Monday night’s gaming group, which I like to call “Monday Night Fights” is run by an experienced (4 years) player, but a first time DM.  Everyone in the group including myself is new to 4th edition rules. The game focuses almost entirely on dungeon diving and monster crushing.  The DM started things off with the one shot sample dungeon “Coppernight Hold” from the dungeon delve manual.  It took two sessions to complete, but the final battle against a room full of kobolds and their white dragon leader was pretty exciting.  Our DM decided at this point to run “Keep on the Shadowfel”.  I was thrilled by this decision, because having been a huge fan of Mike Mearls‘s work on Iron Heroes for v3.5, I knew this would have some great combat situations.

I think that is definitely the focus of Monday Nights, the battles.  They get very tense, very intense, and very strategic.  The craziest part about it for me, is that we are only level 1 guys fighting kobolds and the occasional boss monster, and it is still a complete blast to play.

Friday Night Group: On the other end of the spectrum, is my Friday Night group.  This group is very large having 6 party members, 5 as of last session because one of the players stepped down.  It takes place in a cliff side frontier steam punk town overlooking an ancient unexplored valley.  The party is comprised of hard, unaligned mercenaries with onething on their minds: profit.  The setting is home brewed and quite frankly being created “off the cuff” based on the needs of the group.  Two of the players are entirely new to tabletop, and none of the players, or the DM have had any experience with 4th edition rules.  Of the 5 remaining players, the party is mostly split on what they enjoy doing during a gaming session: combat vs. roleplaying.  They are unified on purpose however: get rich.   The pacing is slow, but the laughs and the roleplaying are plentiful.

Overall Monday nights play like classic D&D: supply up in town, hit dungeon, crush monsters, get loots, rinse and repeat. Follow the linear store-bought adventure, keep your roleplay in check and have a great time soldier.

Overall Friday nights play like an ad-lib acting troupe given very few (if any) instructions, and dropped into a sandbox setting that is a steam punk, western fantasy, indian jones love child.

Two very different gaming experiences, but I am enjoying both immensely.




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