A brief introduction

31 05 2010

I have been into tabletop gaming since the age of 10 when I purchased my first copy of Heroquest at the local Toys’r’us.  I battled my way through 14 levels of awesome as the heroes, ran those same 14 as Zargon, and then took the game system and ran with it.  It was amazing.  So amazing in fact that I dusted it off and played it with my son when he turned 5 and it was his first introduction to tabletop gaming as well.  Years roll by, and I find myself enjoying gaming as much as I ever have.

In recent weeks, I have had the opportunity to join two different 4th edition D&D groups: one game  runs on biweekly Fridays and I am the DM, and the other runs weekly, on Monday nights no less, and I am a player.  It’s hard to describe the mellow happy contentedness that comes from being a part of a regular gaming group.  It engages a creative process in my mind that starts as a trickle, but quickly turns into a geyser.  You start thinking creatively for the game, and the next thing you know, you are thinking creatively about everything.  It has started getting to the point that every Facebook post i make is some sort of D&D confessional or byline from a recent session.  To spare the My-Face masses I am starting this blog to essentially vent, dump, deposit, and report on my 4th edition misadventures, ideas, and impressions.




2 responses

9 06 2010

Hey there–thanks for the comment! Been reading through your stuff and I really like the character bios. Who does the artwork? Custom character pics are just made of awesome. Wish I had someone with that kind of talent at my table.



9 06 2010

I do all the artwork myself, the pics and the sculpts. The cool part about sketching and doodling stuff is when you are done there is almost always a story sitting there in the picture to write about.

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